Designing and selling East African safaris is no easy task and requires a huge amount of up-to-date product knowledge.

One of the ways Asilia Africa supports our agent partners is through Asilia Academy, an online training platform designed by Africa specialists, intended to train other industry professionals on all things Asilia. This unique platform provides agents with the necessary tools to organise high quality, tailor-made itineraries to East Africa.

Asilia Africa is one of East Africa’s long-standing safari companies.

Meaning ‘genuine’ or ‘authentic’ in Swahili, we’ve built a reputation for incredible safari experiences and our unwavering commitment to empowering both people and nature alike in the region.

Asilia was built by passionate people with deep roots in East Africa’s original family-run safari companies: Rekero Camp in 1986 and Oliver’s Camp in 1992. In 2004, they combined their experience, family spirit and commitment to East Africa and formed Asilia. Together, they sought to offer safari experiences paired with conservation efforts that bring meaningful change to the region. Today, we are a fast-growing, leading safari operator, employing nearly 1,000 people in 19 bespoke camps and lodges in KenyaTanzania and Zanzibar.

Staying in our camps is only half the story when you join Asilia on safari. We believe that tourism should be used for good and, when practised responsibly, can be a driving force in both the conservation and development of East Africa. This belief guides everything we do — from where we source our energy and materials used at camps, to how we hire and empower local staff and work alongside community and conservation programmes.

When you choose Asilia for your safari holiday, you’re supporting these efforts and many other conservation initiatives across some of East Africa’s crucial wilderness areas.

Our promise to you: a genuine safari that makes a genuine difference

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