Bush & Ocean Safari in South Africa looking for the Big 5 of Bush and Marine


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A golden opportunity to see the Big 5 of the Bush and Ocean in one Safari from July to November.

Starting from either Cape Town or Kruger National Park, with our personal pick up service.

Most people know the Big 5 of the Bush which are Buffalo, Elephant, Lion , Leopard and Rhino, the Marine Big 5 is less well know but just as impressive covering Whale, Shark, Dolphin, Seal and Penguin.

Wildlife Dreams working with the Dyer Conservation Trust, your Safari will help save the South African Penguin which is in real danger of extinction.

The Dyer Island Conservation Trust was founded in 2006 by Wilfred Chivell, a true ocean warrior and the owner of Marine Dynamics Travel and Dyer Island Cruises. A native of Gansbaai, Wilfred knows the reefs, rocks and wrecks along the Gansbaai coastline like the inside of his home. His passion for the conservation of this diverse environment has placed the greater Dyer Island region on the international map.

Donations from tourists who come to view the Great white shark, visit the African Penguin & Seabird Sanctuary or join the eco cruises contributes greatly towards our work.


Cape Town

Whist staying in Cape Town before going to see the Whales, we will see the sights of this vibrant South African City including Table Mountain, Sunset on Signal Hill, City Tour, Penguins at Boulder Beach and visit to the Cape of  Good Hope.


We will then transfer to Gansbaai Bay for your opportunity to see the Marine Big 5, doing at least 3 Marine Safari’s for your chance to see Whales, Sharks, Dolphins, Seals and Penguins. We will also do a bird watching and winery tour.

Kruger National Park 

Home of the Big 5 and one of the best places in the world to see them, we will also have a sunset safari with dinner under the stars in Sabi Sands.

Our specialist safari vehicle’s are fitted with gimbal photographic heads for your photography and our expect guides give us the best opportunities for finding the Big 5 and all the other wildlife that you expect to see.

With both safari’s you can’t guarantee wildlife sightings but will always do our best – As wildlife will move looking for  food and don’t read guide books.

Tour price excludes International and internal flights


Personal Safari’s 

We can split the Safari’s into separate tours giving you a personal itinerary from our expert team with over 30 years planning







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