"Bringing you closer to wildlife"

Wildlife Dreams have been designing and using wildlife hides all over the world. Hide development is now one of the biggest growth industries in the world “Bringing you closer to wildlife” Hides now can be almost be like mini lodges !

Wildlife photography hides serve as silent portals into the heart of nature, allowing photographers to witness and capture intimate moments without disrupting the innate behaviours of their subjects.

Our hides become an extension of the environment, enabling photographers to immerse themselves in the world of the wild without becoming disruptive elements.

Estonian Hides

Wildlife Dreams is designing hides in Estonia at the moment.

First a location is selected from an extensive short list before a mobile hide is  used for several months allowing the design and positioning to be adjusted, often by the tiniest degree, to ensure that the lighting, focal lengths, backgrounds and animal behaviour all fall in to place so that the photographers produce images of startling quality and originality.

For more information please contact us on our enquiry form.

African Hides

Lodges in Africa that have wildlife hides attached to them.  

Spanish Hides

We work in partnership  with photo logistics to offer you their wildlife hides.

More Hides

Other destinations that have wildlife hides for more inspiration…

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